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Who are we now?

“'Who are you now?' is a very active question. It asks who are you 'now' – currently, not the past, or any other time. You have to be present in the moment to answer it thoughtfully. We don’t always look for immediate answers; sometimes we ask the question to help us solve problems. It is a guiding principle for the Rabbits, and we use it when we begin the Lab, before a new project, or in rehearsals.

I believe it was Kirk Miles, one of the original Rabbits, who coined the phrase.”

— Denise Clarke, OYR Associate Artist

We are now more ferocious than ever in our conviction to stay true to our mission: to be authentic and to create theatre that is vital and relevant – and fun. We also believe as strongly as ever, that we play a role in helping to realize a civil society. So, we will continue to look for opportunities to walk the talk.

Creation principles:

  • Economy, precision and relaxation.
  • There are no "rules" to creation except the ones you invent yourself.
  • Imagination is key.
  • A solid understanding of all elements of performance and creation is necessary to authentically engage an audience.
  • Practice and discipline are necessary throughout the entire process, from creation to warm-up, and finally to performance.
  • Honest experience creates the most powerful art.

Blake Brooker

Artistic Director

Blake Brooker is an award-winning writer and director. He has created or collaborated on such productions as The Erotic Irony of Old Glory, Tears of a Dinosaur, Serpent Kills, The Land The Animals, Dance Freak, Breeder, Permission, Alien Bait, The Ugly Man, Conniption Cabaret, Mata Hari: Tigress at the City Gates, and many others, which have been presented throughout Canada, and in Europe, Australia and Asia. In 2015, Blake was made a Member of the Order of Canada. 


Denise Clarke

Associate Artist

Denise Clarke is an Associate Artist with One Yellow Rabbit and is the Director of the OYR Summer Lab Intensive. She has created or co-created several shows for OYR including The Erotic Irony of Old Glory, Touch, Breeder, So Low, Featherland, Sign Language, A Fabulous Disaster, Smash, Cut, Freeze and wag. In 2013, Denise was awarded an honourary doctorate from the University of Calgary and made a Member of the Order of Canada.


Andy Curtis

Ensemble Artist

Andy Curtis has performed and toured internationally with One Yellow Rabbit since 1987 in numerous shows including What The Thunder SaidMunich NowPeople You May Know, Schlachter Tango, Kawasaki Exit, Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy, Dream Machine, Thunderstruck, and Doing Leonard Cohen.


Michael Green

January 21, 1957 — February 10, 2015

Remembered as Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director, Actor, and Curator of the High Performance Rodeo.


Richard McDowell

September 3, 1954 — November 7, 2014

Remembered as Resident Composer and Sound Designer.