A Mid-Summer's Dream (2021)

Denise Clarke, Christopher Hunt, Andy Curtis - Photo by Lori Andrews

The Land, The Animals 2020

Photo Credit: Andy Curtis

Live Your Prime, with Damien Frost (2019)

Andy Curtis, Michael Green, Peter Hinton, Denise Clarke - Photo by Michael Tan

What The Thunder Said (2015)

Photo Credit: Matt McKinney

Summer Lab Intensive 2018

Design by Ryan Bartlett

Moon, Moon, No Moon (2018)

Jamie Konchak, David Rhymer, Denise Clarke - Photo by Trudie Lee

Songs From Nightingale Alley (2013)

Michael Green, Denise Clarke - Photo by Jason Stang

Doing Leonard Cohen (1997)

Michael Green, Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis - Photo by Richard McDowell

Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy (2009)

Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis - Photo by Trudie Lee

Kawasaki Exit (2009)

Kris Demeanor, Andy Curtis, Denise Clarke, Karen Hines, Jamie Tognazzini - Photo by Michael Tan

Calgary, I Love You, But You're Killing Me (2016)

Denise Clarke - Photo by Trudie Lee

Heavens To Murgatroid (2004)

Denise Clarke, Michael Green, Brad Payne, Peter Moller, David Rhymer, Onalea Gilbertson, Andy Curtis - Photo by Blake Brooker

Dream Machine (2003)

John Murrell - Photo by Michael Tan

Fat Jack Falstaff's Last Hour (2016)

Georgina Beaty, Ellen Close, Nadien Chu, Denise Clarke - Photo by Andy Curtis

All The Little Animals I Have Eaten (2017)