Beautiful Young Artist

Maezy is currently a member of the OYR Beautiful Young Artist Ensemble.
Middlemarch 7

Maezy Reign (she/they) is a young emerging artist, born and raised in Calgary. For her whole life, she's been raised with art and an urge to create. They have explored many different mediums and ways of expressing emotion through art. She has a preference for writing, but truly loves any art form! 

Performance and Creative Credits include Shark Bite (Lunchbox Theatre), Hay Coloured Houses (Paprika Festival), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Alchemy Festival), Hang In There (Chromatic PLU), This isn’t home (fear the festival), Psychotic Bitch (Ignite Festival), Revolution or Slumber (WCHS with HPR), Donut Diaries (Ignite Festival)