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Beautiful Young Students

“Experiencing the High Performance Rodeo really made me feel more connected to the community and truly inspired the artist in me to do more and create more. Thank you so much.” –Shea, Beautiful Young Student

“I am inspired by the shows and their amazing artists. It is my honour to witness something so spectacular.” –Alex, Beautiful Young Student

To foster ongoing relationships with the emerging talent on the Calgary theatre scene, One Yellow Rabbit has launched a dynamic mentorship initiative called Beautiful Young Students.

The artists and staff at the High Performance Rodeo open their hearts and minds to Calgary's next generation of cultural creators. The Rodeo provides free of charge attendance to the shows, weekly artist talks, workshops and gatherings that build understanding and relationships between high school students, University of Calgary students and established performance creators from across the country and around the world.

A key aspect of this program during the High Performance Rodeo is a series of interactive artist talks open to all of Calgary’s students and to the general public.  As part of One Yellow Rabbit’s beautifulyoungartist program, we have developed the exclusive access High Performance Rodeo pass for Beautiful Young Students, an initiative we plan to continue for years to come.

Created in partnership with Western Canada High School and the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, the Beautiful Young Students program offers mentorship and access to Calgary’s emerging artists, connecting youth to free artistic programming at the High Performance Rodeo. Students attend performances, meet with festival artists, and engage in meaningful dialogue around performance-making and life as a working artist.

Since its launch in 2016, over 300+ students have met with visiting artists from across Canada and around the world, exploring theatre, dance, music and visual arts; informing and inspiring their burgeoning practices.

For Rodeo 2019, the Beautiful Young Students program is growing and will include more young people in the festival, celebrating their creativity and championing their voices. Say hello to a Beautiful Young Student: the next generation of Rodeo artists. To learn more about this program, to get yourself or your students involved, or to sponsor and support the program contact the festival team:


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