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Beautifulyoungartists is a loosely defined group mentored through One Yellow Rabbit to provide performance opportunities designed specifically for them.

“This is a community theatre experiment. I’ve collected eager performers who have had all levels of experience, to work on projects together. My focus is on young people, but it’s open to anybody. We’re opening up the Rabbit facility and sharing our skills in a super-charged atmosphere of good times and hard work.

It lets the whole OYR organization do something for the community by doing what we are best at: creating good theatrical presentations.”

 — Denise Clarke, Founder and Director of the beautifulyoungartists, OYR Associate Artist

This summer you can catch the beautifulyoungartists in collaboration with The Shakespeare Company in Hamlet Frequency, directed and choreographed by Denise Clarke.  

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The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions Present
The Hamlet Frequency
May 16 – 25, 2019
directed and choreographed by Denise Clarke


Hamlet Reimagined. 

Hamlet has never ceased pacing his way through time towards our 21st Century imagination and we follow him still, one step after another to the inexorable end and all that blood. Meet Hamlet and the rest of the family; mysterious, and mystified, murderous and murdered, still wandering the halls of the theatres that play them. The beautifulyoungartists take the stage and bring all the bodies back to life in The Hamlet Frequency. The grand ghosts of Elsinore stagger to their feet on an electromagnetic wave, ready to start all over again only this time they will grieve, plot and rage through the music of their minds in this reimagining of Shakespeare’s story, choreographed and staged by Denise Clarke with the beautifulyoungartists.