One Yellow Rabbit

She Sat Down and Wept

May. 24 - May. 27 2023

Featuring the beautiful young artists ensemble. Four Performances Only!


Mon 26 Jun. 9:00PM
Sat 9 Sep. 3:00PM


65 Mins.


Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons


This is a Pay-What-You-Can performance. Limited number of tickets available at the door. 

Denise Clarke and a fresh ensemble of beautifulyoungartists turn up the heat once more with the production She Sat Down and Wept featuring some of Calgary’s most talented young theatre artists.

Presented last summer in its development to a sold-out audience, this production is set for its world premiere.  Working with Elizabeth Smart’s brilliant writhing and writing as laid down in her ecstatic 1945 prose poem, “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept”, with contemporary sound design,  the company presents a “performative conversation” that investigates, illuminates and glories in the text.  

The source text is famously known for capturing the raw passion and subsequent heartbreak of a young couple caught within the snares of a torrid love affair. Re-envisioning this work for the stage reveals that the complexities of love resonate today as they did decades ago. 

Is she a young woman breaking free of societal expectations and exercising her artistic vision, or is she something more sinister—a carefree villain whose fixation on her lover brought chaos to those around her? 

Join us as we showcase this fresh ensemble of beautifulyoungartists.

She Sat Down and Wept is created by Denise Clarke and the beautifulyoungartist ensemble and features performances from: Lauren Brady, Donna Ng, Grace Fedorchuk, Arash Minhas, Sarah Ord and Maezy Reign.
Special Thanks:  Kunji Ikeda

The beautifulyoungartists ensemble is proudly support by the RBC Foundation.  

The Ensemble

Denise Clarke

Dancer. Choreographer. Actor. Writer. Director. Teacher. Mentor.
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