Gilgamesh Lazyboy

April 21 – 30, Big Secret Theatre

A One Yellow Rabbit classic returns, with a fresh interpretation of the world's oldest recorded story.

Already ancient by the time of Christ, Gilgamesh reveals a remarkable vision of humanity. Goddesses and monsters abound, astonished humans ridden by fear and exhilaration search for the antidote to the fear of death. It's the first ever buddy movie, recorded over 4000 years before Thelma and Louise took their epic drive through the desert. Gilgamesh Lazyboy is One Yellow Rabbit's retelling of the ancient epic with trademark humour, energy and tenderness.

An epic tale that could only be reimagined by One Yellow Rabbit.


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Denise Clarke  •  Andy Curtis  •  Christopher Hunt
Directed By Blake Brooker  •  Composer and Musician - David Rhymer  •  Stage Manager - Meredith Johnson  •  Lighting Design - Scott Baier