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We at One Yellow Rabbit and the High Performance Rodeo rise to our feet to recognize the contributions of our many supporters. You are the key to our past successes and our future prosperity &ndash, and to that of this wonderful city.

Over thirty years of creating and presenting original theatre about and for Calgary – and the world. It heartens us to have you behind us, giving wind to our proverbial sails for another 30 rocking and rolling years of creation and celebrating who we are now. 





  • Anonymous
  • Mona Dallmann
  • Chris Davis Law
  • Gregory J Forrest Professional Corporation
  • James Gottselig
  • Kim Green
  • Neil and Iris Kathol
  • Nadine Krenosky
  • Peter Kufeldt
  • Jim and Lesley Laycraft
  • John Murrell
  • Dr. Lynne Murfin
  • Osten-Victor Fund at the Calgary Foundation
  • Margaret & Michael Perlette
  • Dell Pohlman & Lauren Raymore Pohlman
  • Premiere Suites


  • Anonymous
  • Sharon Aitken
  • Shannon Anderson (In Honour of Richard McDowell)
  • Maggie Barton Baird
  • Francine Béland
  • Candace Berlinguette and Mike Kennard
  • Bernadine Blasetti
  • Grant Burns
  • Ralph Christoffersen
  • Noree Claerhout
  • Donna Clare
  • Douglas Collister
  • Ann Connors
  • Judy Curry
  • Randy Steven Cusson
  • Rhonda Dahl
  • Barb Dart
  • Paddy-Jo Davis
  • Vincent Duckworth (In Memory of Michael Green)
  • John Dunn
  • Marcia Epstein
  • Deborah Ferguson
  • Heather Flanagan
  • Louise Forsyth
  • Corine and Stefan Frick
  • Gerry Friebe
  • Amanda Froehler
  • Doug and Donna Gillmor
  • Tom and Margaret Green
  • Nancy Griffith
  • Maureen Jenkins Pender
  • Carolyn and William Hammett
  • Indra Harry
  • Ian Hawkins
  • Lorraine Ingham
  • Denise Jakal
  • Roman Kan
  • Dale Lee Kwong
  • Heather & Tom Lester
  • Brenda Lieberman
  • Colin Logiss
  • Jonathan & Laura Lytton
  • Jay MacGillivray
  • Gerardo Marquez
  • Doug McKeag (In Memory of Cara Lee Leslie)
  • Anne Mckenzie
  • Brian Mills
  • Sandra Moser
  • Laura Nanni
  • John Osler
  • Laura-Gene Pardoe
  • Perma Insurance Continental (In Memory of Berry)
  • Faith April Perratt
  • Cherie Ratte 
  • Kelly Reay & Nicola Elson
  • Garth Renne
  • Marnie Schaetti
  • David Severson
  • Matt Smith
  • Nancy Thorpe
  • Dale Turri
  • Aritha van Herk (In Memory of Michael Green)
  • Brigitte von Rothemburg
  • Gail Urquhart
  • Connor Williams
  • Janice Wilson
  • Jason Wordie
  • Shaju Zachariah





Anne Connolly Chef's Table at Kensington Riverside Inn Grumans Catering and Delicatessen Dale Turri Brigitte von Rothemburg Francine Béland Laura Nanni John Osler Maggie Barton Baird Cherie Ratte In Honour of Richard McDowell - Shannon Anderson Aritha van Herk - in memory of Michael Green Gerry Friebe Dr. Jackie Korol Family Dentist Tom & Heather Lester Kim Green Ox & Angela Sidewalk Citizen Bakery Gregory J Forrest Professional Corporation Janice Wilson Northweather Funny 1060 AM Deborah Ferguson Calgary Herald Proof Roman Kan Matt Smith Jason Wordie Lorraine Ingham Neil and Iris Kathol Cattleprod Creative Corp Richmond Hill Wines In Honour of Ada Rawlins Laurie Alfred Venning Garth Renne Jonathan & Laura Lytton James Gottselig Peasant Cheese Shop NegativeO Grant Burns Brasserie and Wine Bar Kensington Nancy Griffith Jim and Lesley Laycraft Ian Hawkins John Dunn Ralph Christoffersen Rhonda Dahl Nadine Krenosky MetroVino Margaret & Michael Perlette Dr. Lynn Murfin Cookbook Company Cooks Donna Clare Osten-Victor Fund at the Calgary Foundation Dell Pohlman & Lauren Raymore Pohlman Michael Rolfe Global Television - Calgary Kensington Wine Market Swizzlesticks Salon & Spa Heather Flanagan Corine and Stefan Frick Paddy-Jo Davis Ann Connors Gerardo Marquez John Murrell David Severson Dale Lee Kwong Nancy Thorpe Pattison Outdoor Bar C River Café Louise Forsyth Indra Harry Una Pizza + Wine Calgary Tourism Bernadine Blasetti Marnie Schaetti Anonymous (2) Kelly Reay & Nicola Elson Brenda Lieberman Our Daily Brett BeatRoute Gail Urquhart J. Webb Wine Merchant Doug Collister Candace Berlinguette and Mike Kennard Maranda Reprographics Jay MacGillivray Doug McKeag - In Memory of Cara Lee Leslie Twigs & Company Bin 905 Vine Arts Tom and Margaret Green Barb Dart Noree Claerhout Ten Foot Henry Doug and Donna Gillmor Virgin Radio Marcia Epstein Metro Banff Wine Store Peter Kufeldt Connor Williams The Selkirk Grille