High Performance Rodeo

Wring the Roses

Feb. 1 - Feb. 4 2023

TV star Amanda Cordner of CBC’s hit Sort Of brings a wild bachelorette romp to Calgary - what happens when a bachelorette party collides with a boys night out, and goes fatally wrong?


60 minutes


The Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons

This kinetic and playful production highlights aspects of Italian-Canadian identity, as well as the strain on friendship and family bonds that comes from dynamic, fluid identities. The performances and aesthetic are so buoyant and persuasive, and the overall atmosphere so giddy, you barely notice how deeply invested you become in its story.

Rosanna, Rosalicia, and Rosemary are taking their engaged friend Stephanie on one last night to end all nights before she gets married. When they meet four hometown boys on the party trail in a foreign country, it seems like just the right recipe for some pre-marital fun —but fate has other plans. As the night wanes, the “Roses” are tempted to give in to their own interests, while Stephanie feels increasing pressure to releasepent-up energy.