High Performance Rodeo


Jan. 19 - Jan. 21 2024

How can dance be “translated” into language, touch or sound? The answer is TRANSLATIONS


Fri 19 Jan. 6:00PM
Fri 19 Jan. 8:00PM
Sat 20 Jan. 6:00PM
Sat 20 Jan. 8:00PM
Sun 21 Jan. 2:00PM
Sun 21 Jan. 6:00PM
Sun 21 Jan. 8:00PM


50 minutes


Inside Out Studio at Eau Claire Mall

200 Barclay Parade SW, Unit A02




All ages welcome, recommended 12+


Accessible to both blind and sighted audiences, Translations invites everyone to hear, feel, smell, and imagine live dance.

An All Bodie Dance Production Co-Presented with Inside Out Theatre

Experience Translations in a one-of-a-kind sensory journey.

Paired with a performer, audience members close their eyes to perceive dance through other senses. Performers dance both in front of and behind audience members in a dimly lit space while the performance unfolds through unique sections, including tactile touches, verbal descriptions, and culminates in the mesmerizing sounds of moving bodies.

Translations offers an immersive exploration of dance beyond the visual, engaging all your senses.

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