High Performance Rodeo

the immaculate perfection of f**king and bleeding in the gender neutral bathroom of an upper-middle class high school

Jan. 17 - Jan. 20 2024

An ode to Queer identity, overcoming the fears and experiences that haunt you, and accepting vulnerability in day-to-day life


Wed 17 Jan. 7:30PM
Thu 18 Jan. 7:30PM
Fri 19 Jan. 7:30PM
Sat 20 Jan. 2:00PM
Sat 20 Jan. 7:30PM


120 minutes


Vertigo Studio, Vertigo Theatre, #161 115 9th Avenue SE


$49 (including fees and taxes)


Contains mature content.  Recommended 18+


A BodyCube Arts Collective Production

“The Immaculate Perfection…” revolves around the final year of high school for a group of students who spend their time smoking, crying, and touching each other in the gender neutral bathroom. After a trans senior conceives a baby despite her being a virgin, the adolescents are made to reassess their priorities, friendships, and what safety means to them.


D. Halpern - Playwright/producer
Katie Clarke - Director
Beth Airton - Stage Manager
Rory Turner - set/lighting designer
Anastasia St. Amand - fight/intimacy director
David Woroner Producer 

Alex Bergen - Cody
Braden Butler - Jack
Yassine El Fassi El Fihri - Jacques
Christopher Hunt  - Tory
Jess McLeod - Alex
Autumn Strom - Nat
Alice Wordsworth - Minnie