High Performance Rodeo


Jan. 27 - Jan. 28 2023

The third instalment in the Christopher Brett Bailey / Sleepwalk Collective Triptych


75 minutes


Vertigo Studio

Christopher Brett Bailey / Sleepwalk Collective - United Kingdom & Spain

Racing across the savage inner-landscape of the human mind, two unlikely (anti) heroes pursue a nightmare vision of freedom through spiralling episodes of intense sensuality and phantasmagorical violence.

Psychodrama is a gooey, drippy dream of a show, a pop-culture exorcism, a runaway train riding through the centre of your skull.  A celebration of the corrosive power of storytelling that asks who are all those voices inside your head? And how did they get there? And if you could silence those voices, would you?

superbly written ... gruesome, exceptional ... addictive, bold, gooey brilliance.  Put down that pesky TV remote and get a ticket - 5 stars, the crumb

What a fucking genius - Smiths Magazine