High Performance Rodeo

Indians and Cowboys

Jan. 25 - Jan. 27 2024

The Good, The Bad & The Treaty


Thu 25 Jan. 7:30PM
Fri 26 Jan. 7:30PM
Sat 27 Jan. 2:00PM
Sat 27 Jan. 7:30PM


60 minutes


The GRAND Flanagan, 608 1st Street SW




Recommend 12+


A Making Treaty 7 Production, Co-Presented by OYR and The GRAND

Spruce up yer turkey-feathered head-dresses and saddle up yer pintos, folks! MakingTreaty7 is taking you back to the Old Wild West. We done panned through some thousands of old westerns (with and without the spaghetti) and have braided together a golden re-tellin’ of them rustlin’ and bustlin’ times.

Indians and Cowboys takes original western movie footage from near 100 years ago and mashes and smashes it back together like a punch in a saloon brawl that sends you crashin’ over tables and smashin’ out the front window. But here’s the catch - we’re doing all the sound and music live and in person-like. That’s right, we’ll have bonafide real Indians and Cowboys right under that silver screen, whoopin’ and hollerin’, yodelin’ and revoicing to them movin’ picture actors.

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