High Performance Rodeo


Jan. 27 - Jan. 28 2024

A musical about a little hippo who learns that they may be "part of the problem"


Sat 27 Jan. 2:00PM
Sat 27 Jan. 5:00PM
Sun 28 Jan. 1:00PM
Sun 28 Jan. 4:00PM


70 minutes


The Pond at Devonian Gardens, CORE Shopping Centre, 317 7 Ave SW, 4th floor


$39 (including fees and taxes)


ASL interpreted performance has been *changed to Sat. Jan. 27 at 2pm*

An Unnatural Disaster Theatre Co. Production 

fringe hit award winner! - The Halifax Fringe Festival

Did you know that Colombia's hippos are all descendants of three females and one male illegally imported by drug-cartel leader Pablo Escobar? After he died in 1993, the hippos escaped from his estate and established themselves in the Magdalena River. Conservationists estimate that there are over 200 living in Columbia today. 

Introducing Hippoposthumous, a surprisingly clever young hippo residing in the lush landscapes of Colombia. In this thought-provoking journey, our endearing hippo grapples with the profound realization of their impact on the environment, a poignant moment of reckoning that forces them to confront their role in the ongoing ecological challenges.

Join us for a transformative odyssey, navigating through stages of deflection, introspection, and even breaking into catchy show tunes.

Hippoposthumous isn't just a performance; it's an immersive, site-specific musical experience that brings to life the very real and pressing issue of the invasive hippo population in Colombia. Through captivating storytelling, it explores the fascinating intersection of invasive species and the human narrative.

Thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable and clever! An amazing use of space ... A Literal pond? Fabulous! - Bare Theatre Co.

Katherine Norris Dazzles as the star in Hippoposthumous - Morgan M., The Coast