High Performance Rodeo

Ephemeral Artifacts: Travis Knights

Feb. 2 - Feb. 4 2023

Co-presented with One Yellow Rabbit and DJD, Ephemeral Artifacts: Travis Knights is a non-linear journey through the evolution of jazz and tap.


75 minutes


DJD Dance Centre


Performance contains content that may not be suitable for young audiences

Ephemeral Artifacts examines the dancing body as a container of embodied knowledge; a site of transmission over time. 

It celebrates the body as a space of transmission and dance as a defiant act of creating knowledge.

Featuring tap artist Travis Knights this work integrates music, video and storytelling. It unravels the body as a site of consequence and celebrates the act of dancing as a form of resistance.

Direction/Co-Choreography by Brandy Leary
Performance/Co-Choreography by Travis Knights
Conceived/Produced by ÃNANDAM (Toronto)

Production Partners