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Drama: The Podcast

Jan. 19 2024

Drama: The Pilot Episodes - now streaming!


Fri 19 Jan. 9:30PM


Launch Party - January 19th at 9:30pm 

The Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons



A Lime Green Kitten Podcast in association with One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

DRAMA: The Pilot Episodes

A contemporary western psycho-dramedy in four parts.
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Dr. Penelope Douglas is an ex-forensic psychiatrist looking for a fresh start in a stylish western boomtown, but on her first day practising in her boutique suite, a young television writer offs himself in her subway-tiled bathroom. A dissection of contemporary television drama through the young writer’s eyes reveals to Penelope some unsettling connections between the forty-four-minute television hour, the disintegration of the human soul, and the waters of her own unconscious.

Will Dr. Douglas be able to find heart in this wild new landscape? Will she have to smudge her lipstick to ‘cowboy up’?




Join us in the Big Secret Theatre for a casual listening party. Hear some sounds. Hear some scenes. Meet the stars and toast them as we launch this pod into the pod-o-sphere.


Created and Written by Karen Hines
Sound Design and Music Composed and Performed by Dewi Wood
Directed by Blake Brooker
Featuring the vocal talents of Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Ali de Regt, Jamie Konchak, Allison Lynch, Amy Sawka, Mike Tan, and Daniela Vlaskalic as Doctor Penelope Douglas MD, PhD. 

Based on the award-winning play DRAMA: Pilot Episode. Podcast made with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Digital One.