High Performance Rodeo

A Hybrid World Artist Talk by Steve Hackman

Jan. 29 2023

Dive deeper into Brahms X Radiohead and meet conductor Steve Hackman


60 minutes


Patricia A. Whelan Performance Hall, Central Library

This is a limited and intimate opportunity to hear directly from Steve Hackman about how he uses his breadth of skills as a composer, arranger, conductor, DJ, songwriter and musician to redefine the genre of classical music. Steve will share stories from his career, musical education and the development of his artistic process.

As a daring voice leading the charge among a new generation of classical musicians, this special event will put a spotlight on this emerging hybrid world of musical expression and experimentation.

This event will appeal to enthusiasts of classical and pop music alike, as well as amateur and professional musicians, and those who are passionate about learning more regarding producing and arranging contemporary genres.

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