Smash Cut Freeze

“I’m just trying to teach him how to catch a football – he either can’t or he doesn’t want to. But that’s OK. That’s OK.”

Mother. Father. Son. There’s nothing simpler – but when you knock down the white picket fence, out spills a neurotic bundle of block parties and family secrets. Tumble back to the 1950’s to experience Denise Clarke’s hilarious vision of family dysfunction. Inspired by the classic 1952 film, The Member of the Wedding, SMASH CUT FREEZE explores what really goes on behind the perfect white picket fences of your neighbourhood. 

2011 Part of the 25th High Performance Rodeo, Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Conceived, Written and Directed by Denise Clarke  •  Music and Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Story Structure by Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Johanne Deleeuw and Christopher Duthie  •  Lighting Design by Sandi Somers
Performed by Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis and Christopher Duthie
Stage Manager Johanne Deleeuw  •  Apprentice Stage Manager/Assistant to the Ensemble Michelle Kennedy  •  Production Manager/Technical Director Fiona Kennedy  •  Set , Props, and Costumes by Fiona Kennedy, based on a design by Denise Clarke

Also Featuring:

Christopher Duthie