So Low

Louise is a bitch. Louise has been dumped. Louise doesn't know she has been dumped. Arriving home after a tough day dispensing pop psychology on the radio - "Mental Minutes" if you will - Louise rushes about her groovy loft preparing for her fellah Bruce to arrive and kneel at her feet asking to marry her. When she finally gets the message that he can't make it over - ever again - her self absorbed world collapses. Booze and dope help her cope in this witty dance/drama that reveals even bitches have feelings.

1997 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon, Canada
1996 Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, Canada
1996 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written by Denise Clarke  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Choreography/Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Lighting Design by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Set Design and Images by Brad Struble  •  Technical Director Ralph Christoffersen
The Spanish language version, Sola! was performed throughout Mexico and in Nicaragua by Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez and won a handful of awards.
Featuring Denise Clarke, Bruce McCullough (Boyfriend, telephone voice) and Joyce Doolittle (Mother, telephone voice)