Hunger's Brides

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Lyrical, sensuous, baroque, Hunger's Brides charts the course of a legendary obsession. A modern Canadian researcher tracks her quarry through a lost continent of voluptuous phantoms and dark hunger. Her subject, the incomparable 17th-century Mexican poet, Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Nobel prize-winning poet, Octavio Paz calls Sor Juana "the greatest versifier of the Spanish language." She mastered virtually all the verse forms in use during her time. Also called America's first feminist, the Tenth Muse, Phoenix of the Americas... In short, a megastar.

Hunger's Brides: A Novel of the Baroque

13 years in the making - Paul Anderson's novel Hunger's Brides was published by Random House Canada in September 2004.

1997 As part of the High Performance Rodeo, Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
1996 Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico City, Mexico
1996 (with Permission) Arizona State University, Phoenix, United States of America
1996 (with Permission) Feria Internacional del Libro, Guadalajara, Mexico
1996 (with Permission) El Octavo Día, Mexico City, Mexico
Written by Paul Anderson  •  Adapted for the stage by Blake Brooker and Paul Anderson  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Lighting Design by Blake Brooker  •  Technical Director Ralph Christoffersen
Featuring Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Michael Green, Elizabeth Stepkowski, and Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez (Narrator, mostly in Spanish)