Lives Of The Saints

Lives Of The Saints

From the Directors Notes of Michael Green

Any theatre practitioner will tell you that ours is a collaborative art, but more often than not this is only true in theory rather than in practice. Most theatre collaborations occur on paper only in the form of scripts, scores, renderings, and contracts. This was ecidedly not the case with Lives of the Saints. What you are witnessing tonight is the result od an authentic collective process. The concept for this project was born out of a nebulous but infectious interest in the mythology and iconography of the traditional Catholic religion; its passionate fascination with miracles, ritual, relics and saint worship. But what may have begun as a trendy preoccupation with the cult of the saints unexpectedly gave way to a true admiration for those individuals that populate the fantastic landscape of hagiography. With all their eccentric humanity the saints represent some of he finest examples of out race ever to walk The Earth. As Innocently as any rolling snowball the project soon developed into an avalanche of creativity. The Lives of the Saints project attracted the enthusiastic participation of a regular host of artists, writers, actors, comedians, musicians, designers, technicians, and photographers. Last but not least, Lives of the Saints represents the first cog that we hope will be many colaborations between One Yellow Rabbit and Live Arts Theatre Alberta. We are proud to be able to present so much local talent and dedication with this project. With all humanity and respect, the Lives of the Saints collective seeks the grace and intercession of good St. Genesius, the patron saint of theatre. We feel sure he can dig where we’re coming from.

Michael Green Co-Artistic Director, OYR

1988 (co-produced with Live Arts Theatre Alberta) Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written by Michael Green, Andy Curtis, Owen Demers, Laura Parken  •  Score Composed by Richard McDowell and Tim Campbell  •  Ensemble: Andy Curtis, Owen Demers, Laura Parken  •  Ensemble: Andy Curtis, Owen Demers, Laura Parken  •  Directed by Michael Green  •  Directed by Michael Green  •  Designed by Sandi Somers  •  Assistant Director and Costume Creation by Kathryn Nicholls  •  Production Manager Lance Olson  •  Sound Operator Kennedy O'Brian  •  Lighting Operator Brett Greggian  •  Slide Operator Glen Wilson  •  Backstage Crew Warwick Learning  •  Production Assistants Bob Moss, Alan Yoemans  •  Poster Design Peter Moller