The Batman On A Dime

The Batman On A Dime

An original X-rated mini-musical that uncovers all the facts in this, the Batman’s most dangerous case.

“Unholy Adultery, Batman”, slurs tipsy Robin, “Who’s messing with your wife?”

And the some-what-less-than dynamic duo are off again, to answer this horrible question in the most important case of their crime fighing careers.

Facing not only cowardliness (his own) and drunkenness (Robin’s), Batman fearfully engaged his most diabolical arch emimies: The hideous Joker, Clown Prince of Crime, and the seriously dangerous Catwoman. 

Production Ensemble Photographs from Archives

George McFaul as Batman, Kirk Miles as Robin

Michael Green as The Joker

1986 Expo '86, Vancouver, Canada
1985 Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, Canada
1985 (with Café Theatre) Marty's Café, Calgary, Canada
1984 Beggar's Banquet Bistro, Calgary, Canada
Written by Blake Brooker
Cast: Michael Green as The Joker, George McFaul as Batman, Kirk Miles as Robin, Marianne Moroney as Catwoman, and Denise Clarke as Catwoman (later replacing Marianne Moroney)