Calgary, I Love You, But You're Killing Me
Calgary, I love you, but you're killing me.

January 12 – January 23

This year One Yellow Rabbit is celebrating 30 years of Rodeo madness with a big heartfelt kiss to our town. OYR's wickedly funny Calgary, I Love You, But You're Killing Me is a musical comedy written by Blake Brooker and composed by David Rhymer.

One Yellow Rabbit dowses, parses, and probes questions about our town to find out: Just who the hell are we now?

Don't miss this ode to Calgary. After all – it's about who you are now.

Tickets available November 18th, 2015 at or 403-294-9494

Wine Stage
Wine Stage

New date! March 19, 2016.

This year we are hosting the same fabulous event you know and love, with a new date.

We offer you the same sumptuous offerings of Calgary's most celebrated restaurants, caterers and wine merchants – in the same fabulous venue, the Gasoline Alley Exhibition Hall at Heritage Park.

By buying a ticket and having fun you contribute to the success of one of Calgary's most celebrated performing arts organizations – the nationally and internationally acclaimed One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre.

What are you waiting for?

Tickets available November 18th, 2015 at or 403-294-9494

Gasoline Alley Grand Exhibit Hall

Participating Wine Merchants Include:

  1. Banff Wine Store
  2. Bin 905
  3. J Webb Wine Merchant
  4. Kensington Wine Market
  5. Metrovino
  6. Richmond Hill Wines
  7. Vine Arts
  8. Vinestone Wine Co.

Map to Gasoline Alley Grand Exhibit Hall at Heritage Park

One Yellow Rabbit's Summer Lab Intensive

OYR Summer Lab Intensive

June 20–July 10, 2016

There is only 1 One Yellow Rabbit.

And there is only 1 One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab Intensive.

The Summer Lab Intensive is an unconventional three-week master class for actors, writers, directors, dancers, and other artists interested in performance based creative practice. Throughout the process, we aim to fascinate, motivate and initiate your creative abilities – the experience is about transformation.

“Our idea is to create a safe place where artists can explore their personal aesthetic without judgment. The Lab is not just a philosophical exercise, or a place where we just talk. We are active in our bodies investigating performance theatre.” — Denise Clarke, Founder and Director of the Summer Lab Intensive, OYR Associate Artist

  • Denise Clarke
  • Blake Brooker
  • Chris Cran

“The teachers are exceptional, each recognized national leaders in their respective fields, and more importantly they are personally and genuinely engaged in the process of learning; giving the participants not only the fruits of their experience but the constant re-assessment and exploration of the theatrical art form itself.” — Peter Hinton O.C., Theatre Director/ Playwright.

Don't be shy.

Details on the Summer Lab Intensive