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One Yellow Rabbit Announces 2016/2017 Season


Calgary, AB - Today, Artistic Director Blake Brooker and Managing Director Ann Connors, announced One Yellow Rabbits 2016/2017 Season of two world premieres of iconic Canadian playwrights John Murrell and Karen Hines. Tickets go on sale today online at, by calling 403-294-9494, or in-person at the Arts Commons Box Office.

“We are pleased to be presenting new works from these great Canadian writers at the height of their powers”   - Artistic Director Blake Brooker

One Yellow Rabbit’s 2016/2017 Season includes:

Fat Jack Falstaff’s Last Hour

 (World Premiere)

By John Murrell

Directed by Blake Brooker

October 25 – November 5, 2016

Shakespeare’s most delightful and deplorable character, Sir John Falstaff, has lived large and loud.  Arriving at his “final scene”, he confronts disappointment, confusion, and a world that is anxious to leave him behind. His long-suffering landlady and her soldier husband must find a way to usher Falstaff out Death’s door, which is several sizes too small for him.

Fat Jack Falstaff’s Last Hour is internationally renowned Calgary playwright John Murrell’s first new play in four years. One Yellow Rabbit’s ensemble members Denise Clarke and Andy Curtis, along with John Murrell playing Falstaff himself, usher into life the Shakespearean character’s final hour. 

All The Little Animals I Have Eaten

(World Premiere)

By Karen Hines

Directed by Blake Brooker

January 10 – 27, 2017

Karen Hines’ new comedy uses her trademark wit and offbeat insights and explores a series of conversations between female professionals, friends and some unexpected voices. A stressed-out grad student working in a French bistro undergoes a transformative shift as she slings locally sourced gourmanderie to ghosts, avatars and well-dressed figments of her imagination.  Hines’ inspiration for her latest creation is The Bechdel Test. A work of fiction passes The Bechdel Test if it satisfies the following requirements: 1. It has to have at least two women in it, 2. who talk to each other and 3. about something besides a man.

All the Little Animals I Have Eaten, featuring an all-female cast including OYR Ensemble member Denise Clarke, promises to infuse charcuterie with charm, crawfish with cuddle-factor, and inject some fourth wave feminist film theory with fun, fun, fun!

All the Little Animals I Have Eaten is part of One Yellow Rabbit’s 31st annual High Performance Rodeo. Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts returns January 5 to February 2, 2016 at various venues throughout Calgary. Visit for full schedule of currently announced productions. The complete list of festival shows and events will be launched November 2016.

Tickets go on sale today online at One Yellow Rabbit’s new visually exciting website, by calling 403-294-9494, or in-person at the Arts Commons Box Office.