The Land, The Animals

Performance occured January 8 – 18, 2020 as part of the High Performance Rodeo in the Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons - Calgary.

From the creative force that brought you last year's High Performance Rodeo smash hit Live Your Prime, with Damien Frost comes an elegant comedy like no other.

Written and directed by Blake Brooker C.M., this timely tale originally produced in 1991 showcases the artistry of local artists Denise Clarke C.M., Andy Curtis, Christopher Hunt, and original music by David Rhymer.  

In an attempt to piece together the final moments of a troubled geoloist, three scientists investigate the land and the animals of a modern city in the future.  Self-dubbed technocrats; researchers, geologists, and emergency measure experts, these explorers aptly refer to themselves as meat-fed professionals.  Breaking into dance in white lab coats and bright red jumpsuits, these investigators are boldly on the scene in this elegant comedy from Canada’s vanishing wetlands.

See these world renowned artists expertly honing their craft in this uniquely eloquent ecological comedy and contemporary dance production of a powerful story that will stay with you.



Photo Credit: Lori Andrews

2020 - January 8 - 18 Big Secret Theatre

Ensemble Artists

Christopher Hunt

David Rhymer