Munich Now

Munich Now is part two of a planned three-part cycle called the Tangled Tongue Trilogy. The Tangled Tongue Trilogy is a tryptic comprised of three unique stories in three major world languages. The first was a love/mystery/puzzle meditation called Kawasaki Exit, set in a contemporary suburb of Tokyo. The third is again concerned with love, not just of a partner, but of a country of origin and country of choice, called Casablanca Casablanca, and will be in Arabic. Munich Now is a comedy about the absurdity of modern media that takes place in a television studio in present-day Bavaria. Each of the sections of the tryptic is performed by the One Yellow Rabbit Ensemble plus guests.

One might ask the question as I have many times “why perform in another language?" Perhaps I don’t have a sufficient answer, other than to say there is a profound challenge in this for the actors and the audience. When executed well, there is a je ne sais quoi at play where the language itself dissolves in a fashion, and waves of other compelling information emanate from the stage. When this happens, an original and special experience is obtained. In a way, we are using language as a mask and it creates a peculiar and attractive experience that is undeniable.

Ultimately, the trilogy will be performed sequentially over a weekend in a festival context, if my actors don’t arrange for my early demise it should be an interesting theatre safari.

- Blake Brooker (2014)

2014 Part of the 28th High Performance Rodeo, Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written and Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Translated by Frank Heibert  •  Performed by Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Devon Dubnyk, and Christopher Hunt
Set Design by Greg Casselman  •  Stage Manager Michelle Kennedy  •  Composer and Digital Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Technical Director Scott Morris

Also Featuring:

Devon Dubnyk

Devon Dubnyk is completely honoured to be performing with his OYR mentors in München Jetzt!.  He’s also excited to be performing in Deutsch, as he spent a year as an exchange student in Germany.  Devon has been working with the ensemble for the past few years in various contexts: Summer Lab Intensive Registrar and Assistant, Production Assistant, and Apprentice.  Recent credits include: In the Heat of the Night (Vertigo); Beneath the Ice (Quest); and Gretchen’s Nightmare (Ocho Rojo).  He would like to thank his German family and friends for helping him understand the often bewildering German culture and language.  Danke!

Christopher Hunt

Christopher Hunt is a Calgary-based actor, and a long-time fan of the Rabbits. Past OYR appearances include Naked West and The Ugly Man (which traveled to Edinburgh and Glasgow).

Recently, Christopher was seen in The Great Gatsby (Theatre Calgary), Head Over Heels (Caravan Farm Theatre), When That I Was (Canadian tour), Gaslight (Vertigo Theatre), The Gardener (Quest Theatre) and The 39 Steps (Stage West). 

Frank Heibert

Frank Heibert, born 1960 in Essen (F.R. of Germany), lives in Berlin. Studied French and German Letters in Berlin, Rome and Paris. PHD on puns and their translation (esp. in James Joyce's "Ulysses"). Since 1983, translator of literature from English, French, Italian and Portuguese into German. 1990-95, publisher of his own small publishing house zebra literaturverlag (together with Thomas Brovot).

Free-lance activities: fiction editing; conception and presentation of literature events; literature criticism; seminars and lectures on translation issues. Regular collaborator on the promotion project for new Canadian plays. 2012/13 Two Master Classes on theatre translation in Montreal.

Gregg Casselman

Gregg is very happy to be working with his old friends at One Yellow Rabbit again. In the past they have collaborated on projects such as Munich Now, Kawasaki Exit, In Klezskavania, and Doing Leonard Cohen, among others.

Gregg studied art and industrial design at the University of Calgary. When he’s not busy with OYR, Gregg is the exhibit co-ordinator at the National Music Centre.

Michelle Kennedy

Michelle Kennedy is a director, writer, and producer from Edmonton. Favourite directing credits: Shangri-La (Globe Theatre), Trout Stanley, Apocalypse: A Period Piece, PornStar.USA (Edmonton International Fringe Festival), Coffee Dad, Chicken Mom and the Fabulous Buddha Boi in both Edmonton and New York. She has been nominated for four Elizabeth Sterling Haynes awards and won one for Outstanding Fringe Production. Michelle holds a BA (Honours) Degree in Drama from the University of Alberta.

Scott Morris

Scott Morris is a Calgary based theatre practitioner with a focus based in both technical and performance creation. Scott is the former Technical Director with One Yellow Rabbit. He acknowledges the importance of gardens, cooking, and love in his life. Kisses!