WAG! Is a terpsichorean comedy of tragic proportions – a mosaic of highly personal moments told in Denise Clarke’s signature style. Blending monologue and movement, we are witness to the candid reveal of Clarke’s recent past: cold, in the middle of an icy park, and mourning one thing and now another. It would be tragic stuff if it weren’t for the invention of the ‘Cheering Up Program’; a playlist, a dance, and a way of life that ultimately delivers “resolution, not closure.” With a quintessentially Rabbit flavour and tone, WAG! Is a balm for your heart, a kick in the pants, and essential viewing from this seminal artist, the recent recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary.

2014 Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada
2014 Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Halifax, Canada
2013 Theatre Labor, Bielefeld, Germany
2013 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
2013 (as Dances To Music) Expanse Dance Festival, Edmonton, Canada
Created & Performed by Denise Clarke  •  Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Stage Managed by Michelle Kennedy  •  Wrangler: Krysten Blair

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