February 18, 7:30pm - Big Secret Theatre  

Songs From Nightingale Alley


Songs from Nightingale Alley is a 'musical salon' based on the lyrics of anonymous 19th century underground poets and minstrels - not the poetry of the refined and delicate but the salacious doggerel, and catcalls found in subversive broadsheets sold in back alleyways. 

These lyrics are over 200 hundred years old, yet they speak with a curiously modern voice and from a disarmingly compassionate female perspective. They stare deep into the erotic. They evoke the pleasures and delight of human sexual appetite, but also its perils. They gaze - eyes wide open - on the clash of social values, of heartache and despair and the darker more disquieting aspects of an emerging and rather brutal sexual economy!

Performed by the extraordinarily, feisty and charismatic Denise Clarke, Jamie Tognazzini, Jamie Konchak, with musical accompaniment by composer David Rhymer and violinist Jonathan Lewis.

This performance is Pay-What-You-Can.

February 18, 2018 - 7:30pm Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
2013 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Adapted and Composed by David Rhymer  •  Featuring: Denise Clarke, Jamie Konchak, Jamie Tognazzini, Jonathan Lewis and David Rhymer

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David Rhymer

David Rhymer is a multi-award winning writer and composer and frequent collaborator with One Yellow Rabbit. His work - a combo of cabaret, salon and art-song, have toured internationally to critical and popular acclaim.

They include Mata Hari In 8 Bullets (which premiered off Broadway in 2013,) Songs From Nightingale Alley, Why Freud Fainted, Wreck Beach and  Something Wicked This Way Comes! With long time associate poet/playwright Blake Brooker, he created the impressionistic oratorio on the Beat Generation Dream Machine, and the notorious Ilsa Queen Of The Nazi Love Camp which toured Canada, the UK and Australia and was made into a feature movie. 

His latest Crime Does Not Pay written with Calgary Poet Laureate and indie song writer Kris Demeanor is set in the cultural paranoia of the early 50's and based on the true crime story of Bob Wood, the creator of the most notorious comic magazine of its day!

In 2007 he was honoured with the Greg Bond Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre in Calgary  

Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan is known for his work in sound design, composition, and as a live musician. He has performed at, and/or designed shows for Alberta Theatre Projects, the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Theatre Calgary, Theatre Junction and Vertigo Mystery Theatre and more. His most recent projects include a 65-minute soundtrack for COU A Circus of Unity (Green Fools), and the music and sound for Jabberwocky (Old Trout Puppet Workshop). 

Jamie Tognazzini

Jamie Tognazzini previously appeared at the High Performance Rodeo in midways, freak shows, parades, and with One Yellow Rabbit in Calgary, I Love You, but You're Killing Me. She performed with OYR’s beautifulyoungartists for Radioheaded 3 and In & Out of Love (Sled Island). Recently, Jamie played Alice in The Drowning Girls (Vertigo Theatre), and performed in Catalyst Theatre's Fortune Falls in Calgary and Edmonton. Other credits include: Project Whooping Crane (Green Fools), Awesome Girl and Radical Boy (Lunchbox Theatre),  The Toxic Avenger Musical (Broadway West), Evil Dead: the Musical (GZT/H&M). In Autumn 2017, Jamie had a hilarious time joining the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, building props and puppets for their new show Jabberwocky. Numerous festivals throughout Western Canada have presented her original eccentric multidisciplinary creations. Jamie's also a proud associate artist/instructor with Green Fools Social Circus programs. 

Jamie Konchak