Kawasaki Exit

An unlikely trio threads through the misty outskirts of Tokyo, stocking up on vodka and briquettes for their final ride. Equal parts mystery and love story, Kawasaki Exit is inspired by the real-life dark side of Japanese social networking sites. 

Performed half in English, half in Japanese with surtitles hovering above the stage, Kawasaki Exit is an intricate puzzle-box that takes the audience on a journey of remembering and surprise.

2011 Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Ottawa, Canada
2011 Part of the 25th Annual High Performance Rodeo, Calgary, Canada
Written by Blake Brooker and David Rhymer  •  Translated by Manami Hara  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Staged by Denise Clarke  •  Assistant Director Michelle Kennedy
Cast: Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, and Patrick MacEachern
Lighting by Sandi Somers  •  Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Technical Director Fiona Kennedy  •  Produced by Stephen Schroeder