Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy

Gilgamesh: the world’s oldest epic, already ancient by the time of Christ, earlier than–and vastly different from–any other great myth we know. Think of it as the first-ever buddy movie over 4,000 years before movies were invented. Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy is One Yellow Rabbit’s re-telling of the story, a modern interpretation unlike any other.

Gilgamesh: the son of a goddess, born a hero and a king, god-ruler of the Sumerian city Uruk, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq. He is unconquerable, strong beyond all others and beloved by his armies. But also tyrannical, childish, selfish, ruthless, and bored.

Meet Enkidu: wild-man, half beast, sent by the gods to terrorize the countryside and chastise Gilgamesh–that is, until the two become fast friends, together undertaking a lethal quest in search of immortality. It is a tale of snarling demons, giant divine bulls, serpents and devastatingly seductive priestesses. But most of all, it is a moving and celebratory story about what it means to live a good life, the nature of happiness, friendship, and of men learning to be, above all else, human.

Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Lighting Design by Scott Baier
Cast: Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis and Michael Green