Five Hole: Tales Of Hockey Erotica

Five hole (n.):

1. The space between a goalie's legs.

2. A new show that brings Canada's two favourite pastimes-hockey and sex-together at last on one rollicking theatre stage.

As exhilarating as winning game seven, more off-the-wall than Don Cherry's fashion sense, and naughty enough to draw a five-minute major: Five Hole presents a suite of engrossing, tender and hilarious erotic stories about the steamy underbelly of our national sport.

About Rheostatics

For more than two decades Rheostatics have mapped new frontiers across Canada, embracing the nation that bore them and reinterpreting its sea-to-shining-sea grandeur in the music of startling variety and indisputable beauty. Lead by stalwarts Dave Bidini and Martin Tielli, their music has been described variously as "prog-rock," "art-rock," "orchestral psychedelia" and "a loosely organized cacophony of sound," all of which reveal the frustrating limits of language.

About Dave Bidini

A master storyteller, Rheostatic Dave Bidini lifts the hockey story to the level of modern Canadian folklore. He has become popular in recent years as one of Canada's best-known authors, having published several books including two critically acclaimed volumes on hockey culture, including Tropic of Hockey and The Best Game You Can Name (McClelland & Stewart).

2009 Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Canada
Written by Dave Bidini  •  Adapted for stage by Blake Brooker and Dave Bidini  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Original Music by Rheostatics  •  Staged by Denise Clarke  •  Video Design by Richard McDowell  •  Assistant Directed by David van Belle
Cast: Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Michael Green, Onalea Gilbertson and Rheostatics (Dave Bidini, Selina Martin, Barry Mirochnick, Ford Pier, and Martin Tielli)