Liberators, Occupiers And Population

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An international collaboration by One Yellow Rabbit, Het Huis van Bourgondië and Hebbel am Ufer commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland.

Sixty years on, three modern theatre companies explore a defining moment in World War II in a unique collaboration.

Any Canadian traveller who has spent time in Holland knows that the Dutch hold a persistently high regard for our nation. The reason is that in the final year of WWII, some 7,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives there in a series of large set-piece battles and vicious house-to-house fighting that was largely instrumental in liberating the country from Nazi occupation.

Now, three theatre companies - one Canadian, one Dutch and one German - mark the 60th anniversary of this turning point in their collective histories with a unique trans-Atlantic collaboration. Their rules of engagement: to create a triptych of short pieces, fused together into one tri-national work of theatre. Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit, Berlin's Hebbel am Ufer, and Het Huis van Bourgondië of Maastricht, Netherlands, will each present a section of the triptych, exploring the liberation from their own particular national viewpoint. One Yellow Rabbit's Blake Brooker will direct the Canadian portion; celebrated director Hans Werner Kroesinger will take the reins of the German section; and Feico Sobel, one of Holland's brightest young directors, leads the Dutch piece.

Plan Yellow

Plan Yellow is entirely based on actual documents, and deals with the strategies of the German occupation in the Netherlands from 1940-1945. The main character is Arthur Seyss Inquart, the German Reichscommissioner of the Netherlands, had his public speeches to the Dutch population during his reign. Each line you are going to listen to has been said – some time ago.

2 Minutes

“You must realize: This isn’t history, this is mythology. These aren’t facts, this is what a group of ever-aging people remembers. Ever-aging people who are becoming ever younger during the war. In a while there will only be those left who were babies at the time.”

2 Minutes is a play directed by Feico Sobel, based on interviews, about common people in an uncommon time. In this play memories of the Liberation come to life and at the same time these memories are being questioned. Is there any use in remembering when the memories are starting to disappear?

2005 Het Huis van Bourgondie, Maastricht, Holland
2005 Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany
2005 Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland
2005 Part of the 19th Annual High Performance Rodeo, Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Created by The Cast  •  Direction and Lighting by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Managing Producer Stephen Schroeder  •  Cast: David van Belle, Andy Curtis, Michael Green and Brad Payne
Plan Yellow  •  Created by Hans-Werner Kroesinger and Rob Moonen  •  Production Manager Gunda Zeeb  •  Running Crew Gavin Shaw  •  Cast: Armin Dallapiccola and Eva Damen
2 Minutes  •  Text by Don Duyns  •  Translation by Rob Klinkenberg  •  Dramaturgy by Maarten Verhoef  •  Directed by Feico Sobel  •  Set Design by Ek van Roosendaal  •  Head Technician Marq Claessens  •  Costume Design by Mieke Coenen  •  Cast: Eva Damen, Luc van Loo, and Mara van Vlijmen