September 10

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September 10, 2001 proves to be an articulate, fascinating, and frequently amusing insight into Coupland’s way of seeing. Waves of information flow over us as he talks rapidly about the way we process time, about airports, retro cocktails, Martha Stewert and the Gap.

Eventually, inevitably given his chosen title, he focuses on that historical day in New York. As the play draws to a close he wonders if we could take a tablet that took us back to the world of September 10, would we? Would we choose a world the way it was before the towers fell? Coupland concludes by addressing the way we view the future, stressing the need to question the way we live our lives, the need to begin thinking differently.”

 - Review by Natasha Tripney 

2004 Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford, England
Written and Performed by Douglas Coupland  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Assistant director/Stage Manager Brad Payne  •  House Technician Frank Gallant  •  Graphic Design by Ty Semaka  •  Cover Photo by Ken Meyer