Andrew Allan's Chair

Worlds and egos collide in this unique live theatre/radio play co-production between CBC and Oney Yellow Rabbit to be recorded live in front of Rodeo audiences and broadcast nationally on the network’s Sunday Showcase and Monday Night Playhouse. Back in World War II, Canadians would huddle around their radios listening to the breathless programs like Theatre of Freedom, Fighting Navy, and L for Lanky. What they had in common, along with most other dramas from CBC Radio’s golden age, was the guiding presence of Andrew Allan. All told, Allan produced some 400 radio plays in his decades-long career. He was a notorious autocrat who dressed formally for radio broadcasts and insisted that his artists – people like Lister Sinclair and John Drainie – did the same. Here, at the High Performance Rodeo, a contemporary group of performers prepare to stage a live radio drama. The atmosphere is electric with a sense of determination and expectation. Is this a gang of articulate and serious observers of the world scene? Are they prepared to slay the sacred lambs and roaring lions of political hypocrisy, indifference, and corruption? Into this mix of modern-day crusaders comes a mysterious stranger. From beyond the grave, with all the august portent of Lorne Greene’s “Voice of Doom,” emerges the dapper and ferociously intelligent Andrew Allan.

2004 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written and Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Assistant to the Director David van Belle  •  Sound Design by Richard McDowell  •  Foley Artist Ute Schaffland  •  Production Manager Ian Wilson  •  House Technician Frank Gallant  •  Produced by Stephen Schroeder (OYR) and Allan Boss (for CBC)
CBC Radio Arts and Entertainment  •  Executive Producer Damiano Pietropaolo  •  Radio Arts and Entertainment Department Head James Roy  •  Sound Engineers (CBC) Bob Doble and Tory Meyer
Featuring Allan Boss, Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Onalea Gilbertson, Brad Payne