Beautiful Jew (Film)

Created with Vancouver filmmaker Oliver Hockenhull, One Yellow Rabbit’s first feature length movie was inspired by an infamous 16th Century Jewish “messiah” named Shabbatai Zevi. Shot on digital video in Calgary, Drunheller, Jerusalem and Nablus, Palestine (before the current Intifada and edited before 9/11), it is a mutant Prairie Baroque tale genetically engineered with a neo-Fassbinder sensibility and One Yellow Rabbit’s trademark theatricality. Set in the present, it portrays Zevi as a used car salesman whose supposed messiah-hood leads him unwittingly into gang activities involving heroine dealing and car theft. He then takes the proceedings to the Holy Land, tries unsuccessfully to give them away in Jerusalem, and ultimately becomes a Muslim purveyor of falafel. Take that, Ron Howard. The first digital video comedy about religious ecstasy.

Produced and Written by Blake Brooker, Ken Cameron, Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Michael Green, Elizabeth Stepkowski, and Oliver Hockenhull  •  Executive Producer, Director, Camera Editor, and Effects by Oliver Hockenhull  •  Associate Director, Blake Brooker  •  Production Manager, Ken Cameron  •  Original Sound Recording by Richard McDowell
Cast: Michael Green as Barry, Denise Clarke as Marianna, Andy Curtis as Dag, Joyce Doolittle as Grace, Elizabeth Stepkowski as Sarah, and Blake Brooker as Issac Additional Cast: A.J. Demers and Ken Cameron as Sales Cellphones, John Dunn, Chris Cran, Ralph Christoffersen, Sebastian Lange and James Laycraft as Stag Guys and, Anita Miotti, Ty Semaka, Gwen Barkauskas, Jennifer Weiss, Aaren Madden, and Shawana Helland as Party Guests
Violin/Electronic score composed & performed by Lisa Walker  •  Viola Music Composed & Performed by Kate Read  •  Assistant Camera, Cimmeron Meyer  •  Production Assistants, Art Proctor and Paul Marshall  •  News Voice by Denise Clarke  •  Additional Documentary Footage by Ramallah Video Collective  •  Sound Work: Sound Desing/Supervisor, Frank Laratta Sound Editing by Steve Allan and Kyle Koenig Dialogue Editing by Jason Lawrence