Sign Language

Denise Clarke's witty choreography has enlivened productions for years. But it's when she's on her own - with no left-footed actors or inflexible script demands to get in the way - that she really gets to cut loose. Clarke does just that in Sign Language, using a "dance salon" motif to open up a two-way communication with the audience.


Harvard University Article, 2011

2012 (with Gilgamesh La-Z-Boy) Theater Labor, Bielefeld, Germany
2011 Expanse Dance Festival, Edmonton, Canada
2011 Spark Festival, Belfry Theatre, Victoria, Canada
2004 PuSh International Performance Series, Vancouver, Canada
2003 Firehouse Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
2001 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written and Performed by Denise Clarke  •  Choreography by Denise Clarke  •  Sound Design by Denise Clarke  •  Lighting Design by Denise Clarke and Gavin Shaw  •  Technical Director Gavin Shaw
Featuring Denise Clarke as herself