Daniel Danis burst on the Montreal scene in 1993 with Celle-l'à, winning the Governor-General's Award and serving notice that a new generation of avant-gardists was dans la maison. He followed that with the award winning Stone and Ashes.

Now comes Thunderstruck: When a bolt of lightning cleaves their house and kills their parents, three boys and their near-comatose sister build a haunting, surreal vision of "family."

2003 Magnetic North Theatre Festival, NAC-Studio, Ottawa, Canada
2000 Factory Theatre, Toronto, Canada
2000 Edinburgh Festival, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
1999 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written by Daniel Danis  •  Translated from the French by Linda Gaboreau  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Choreography/Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Assistant to the Director Ken Cameron  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Set and original lighting design by Terry Middleton  •  Ottawa lighting design and Production Manager Cimmeron Meyer  •  Produced by Stephen Schroeder
Featuring Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Michael Green, Elizabeth Stepkowski (Calgary, Edinburgh, Toronto) and Onalea Gilbertson (Ottawa)