Dance Freak

How better to spend and evening than hanging out with troubled princes, fainting maidens and dying swans From the marble courts of inbred aristocrats to its present home in the world’s finest theatres, ballet has spun, leapt, and tip-toed its way to a role as our most puzzling art form. Wear uncomfortable clothes and join us for an investigation into what makes classical ballet classic. Comedy for those who can’t tell a nymph from a faun; therapy for those who can.

1993 Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Created by Denise Clarke and Blake Brooker  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Choreography/Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Lighting Design by Blake Brooker  •  Assistant to the Director John McGroarty  •  Sound Design Denise Clarke  •  Visual Design and Images Blake Brooker and Denise Clarke  •  Technical Director Ian Wilson
Featuring Denise Clarke, Andy Curtis, Michael Green and Michelle Moss