Lav and Brenda are a very attractive couple. Lav is very sophisticated and he even helps Brenda decide what to wear. Brenda feels blessed. Then she finds a love note meant for Lav that worries her. A living set of twelve silent observers share the stage providing the locations: closet, bowling alley, bedroom, as Brenda careens through her sleuthing en-route to a terrible surprise and it's emotional conclusion.

1991 Poor Alex Theatre, Toronto, Canada
1990 The Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Created and Performed by Denise Clarke and Mark Christmann  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Choreography/Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Lighting Design by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Design and Images by Blake Brooker and Denise Clarke  •  Technical Director Ian Wilson
Featuring Denise Clarke, Mark Christman, and The "Living Set"
Aside from the two main performers, Denise Clarke and Mark Christmann, Touch incorporated a living set whose members alternated performances. In the Calgary production this included: Neil Cadger, Dianne Creighton, Heather Elton, Nancy Ford, Ann Given, Shawna Helland, Fred Holliss, Murray Marshall, Robert Meilleur, Skip Orlady, Thea Pilutik, Cindy Robb, Lynette Segal, Noah Umholtz, and Dewi Wood.