Exit The King

“This absurdist exploration of ego and morality is set in the crumbling throne-room of the palace in an unnamed country where King Berenger the First has only the duration of the play to live. Once, it seemed he ruled over an immense empire and commanded great armies, now his kingdom has shrunk to the confines of his garden wall. Refusing to accept his end, he is attended by his present and former Queens who must help him face the final inevitable truth of life: death.”

– Samuel French publishing company

1990 Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
Written by Eugene Ionesco  •  Directed by Elise Menard and Michael Green  •  Stage Design by Ian Wilson  •  Lighting Design by Sandi Somers  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Costume Design by Madelaine Brian  •  Technical Director Ian Wilson
Cast: Neil Cadger as Doctor, Andy Curtis as King Berenger, Kim Dunlop as Juiliette, Michael Green, Jennifer Haley as Queen Marie, and Frances Kushner as Queen Marguerite