Serpent Kills

Serpent Kills 

After rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival this past summer, OYR takes to the road again with it’s “daring, dangerous and disturbing” version of the true story of Asian super-criminal Charles Sobharj. Set against a lurid late-70s backdrop of disco and dementia, Sobharj and his Quebecois lover and accomplice, Marie-Andree LeClerc, lead a gang of drug-addle punks on a murderous international spree.

In the late seventies a gang of vicious petty swindlers went on a murder rampage throughout Southeast Asia, leaving at least a dozen international tourists brutally slain. The ring leader, Charles Sabraj, uses his hypnotic powers on all of his entourage, though effected most is his Quebequois lover/accomplice, Marie Andree LeClerc.

This is a dramatic treatment of a true story. What lured a timid small-town Canadian medical receptionist in to the dark labrynth of abject emotional and sexual slavery? One Yellow Rabbit co-produces Serpent Kills with Toronto’s Crow’s Theatre.


1992 Les 20 jours de théâtre à risque, Quebec City, Canada
1992 Edinburgh Festival, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
1989 (co-produced with Crow's Theatre) Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, Canada
1989 (co-produced with Crow's Theatre) Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
First Production - A Co-Production Between One Yellow Rabbit and Crow's Theatre  •  Written by Blake Brooker and Jim Millan  •  Directed by Peter Hinton  •  Cast: Damon D’Olivera as Sobharj, Siobhan McCormick as Marie and, Denise Clarke, Guillermo Verdecchia and Earl Pastko playing a variety of roles
New Version Premiered in Calgary 1992  •  Re-written by Blake Brooker  •  Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Choreography and Staging by Denise Clarke  •  Lighting Design by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Set Design by Martin Gderna  •  Technical Director Ian Wilson  •  Cast: Denise Clarke as Barbara and others, Andy Curtis as Gerry, Michael Green as Charles, Gillian Farabee as Marie Andree (first production), and Michele Moss as Marie Andree (touring production)