Changing Bodies

“Alone in his bedroom, Rev Kev carries out various experiments that he hopes will lead to a change from man to fish – or crustacean or poultry. He’s not too particular. When he isn’t submerging himself in a huge tank of water, he donning a lobster suit and engaging in reveries about undersea explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau or trying to do a brain swap with a chicken. In between, he reveals to us bits of his sad outsider life: his high school years, when he was ridiculed for being the lone member of the school’s religious studies club and tagged with the nickname Reverend Kevin; his first job, in a fish factory, where he was fired for pocketing the air bladders of gutted fish. A sense of doom hangs heavy in his room. British philosopher J.H. Bennett warns of impending natural disasters on the radio and a toy passenger jet circles above, containing, Rev Kev tells us, a pair of grenade-bearing terrorists ready to blow the plane out of the sky.”

– Excerpt from Wild Theatre by Martin Morrow

1988 Factory Theatre, Toronto, Canada
1988 Old Court House, Red Deer, Canada
1987 Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada
1987 Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
1986 Edmonton Fringe Festival, Edmonton, Canada
1986 Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver, Canada
1986 Project Artaud, San Francisco, United States of America
1986 SkyRoom Theatre, Calgary, Canada
1986 Pumphouse Theatres, Calgary, Canada
Written and Directed by Blake Brooker  •  Sound Design and Composition by Richard McDowell  •  Visual Design, Images, and Technical Operation by Sharon Di Genova, Sandi Somers, and Ian Wilson
Featuring Michael Green as Rev Kev