People You May Know

People You May Know is a comedy entangling people on both sides of a financial scheme gone badly awry. Utilizing simple digital effects with basic photo software, One Yellow Rabbit creates a projected community of characters using three performers. Performances are live, the slightly digitized characters are projected above, resulting in a digital puppet chorus: victims and villains, the venal and the virtuous.

Their characters are recognizable; they could live next door, work at your bank, or sit next to you on the train. You could be with them in a store, on the street; they could be stopped beside you at a red light. They could be People You May Know.

2013 Part of the 27th High Performance Rodeo, Big Secret Theatre, Calgary, Canada

Also Featuring:

David Rhymer

David Rhymer is a frequent collaborator with One Yellow Rabbit - Calgary, I Love You, but... marks the sixth partnership with his OYR pals. With playwright Blake Brooker: Dream Machine, Ilsa Queen Of The Nazi Love Camp and Mata Hari in 8 Bullets which recently premiered off-Broadway to rave reviews and subsequently toured Europe. OYR Ensemble: Conniption Cabaret and People You May Know. Solo musicals include Songs From Nightingale Alley, Wreck Beach, and Why Freud Fainted. He recently composed the music for Green Fool's The Floating Mouse and is presently at work on a 1940's comic book musical Crime Does Not Pay with singer/songwriter Kris Demeanor to premiere in 2017.